Find Your Star


We've Conjured up a Collection of Trivia Questions and Answers... All with a HALLOWEEN Flavor!


Six Rounds of Ten Questions Each




1st Prize: 2 Tickets to an Upcoming GTC Production, 2 Concession Coupons, & $75 Gift Card

2nd Prize: 2 Tickets to an Upcoming GTC Production, 2 Concession Coupons, & $35 Gift Card

3rd Prize: 1 Ticket to an Upcoming GTC Production, 1 Concession Coupon, & $15 Gift Card


Wear and show off a COSTUME during the Trivia competition on Zoom and get EXTRA POINTS!



1st Prize: 5 Points added to total score at the end of the game

2nd Prize: 3 Points added to total score at the end of the game

3rd Prize: 1 Point added to total score at the end of the game

Suggested Donation: $10 per Player


To Receive the Zoom Link and To Donate, Please Visit:

or Scan this QR Code with Your Smart Phone:



Your donation will help support us in covering our operating costs during the pandemic.


Thanks for your generous support and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom!


Find Your Star



Galaxy Theater Company is a nonprofit theater company founded on the south side of Chicago by John Wognum in 2016. GTC is committed to equality amongst everyone. GTC hopes to bring good, quality theater productions to the south and west sides of Chicago. 

Galaxy Theater Company does not pre-cast shows. All productions are open to veterans and inexperienced actors alike. We perform three adult productions a year. If you are interested in becoming involved with one of these productions, whether as a performer, stagehand, or volunteer, contact our founder, John Wognum, at, and get ready to Find Your Star!



As a nonprofit theater company, everything we earn goes straight towards costs to put on theater productions. Everyone who is involved in this theater company is a volunteer who does it out of their love for the stage. 

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time to making this theater even better than it already is. Whether you love to perform, build, work backstage, or involve yourself in any other capacity, we are happy to have you! 

If you do not want to be involved in a production but still want to help, any donated money that can help keep this theater running is beyond appreciated. By donating, you are helping keep local theater alive on the south and west sides of Chicago! Click on the PayPal link and you can donate from there. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.



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